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About Our Founder & HQIC

Hi y’all! With officially launching LL Official and the Official LL Blog, I thought this would be a good time to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m Ashley Llorens, the Head Quad in Charge here at LL Official. It’s always weird doing about me’s but here’s some kinda cool facts:

I am a Chicago girl, born and raised.

I have loved writing since I was seven years old! It’s always been an amazing outlet for me. I stopped after getting injured (more on that another time) but trying to get back into it. 

I graduated college with my Bachelor of Arts. I majored in mass communications with a concentration in broadcasting. So I’m sort of still doing things in the field and it’s fun. Never really knew what direction exactly I wanted to utilize my degree but this, helping others and spreading a message and showing a disabled baddie livin’ life…it’ll do!! 

I have a odd obsession with One Tree Hill. (That show has saved me more than I care to admit) 

I enjoy going to concerts, being outside, listening to music, trying new restaurants, and just new adventures! 

I became disabled in 2019. I was 24 years old and never expected this sort of life change but I’m figuring it out, or at least I’m trying to! 

I have always wanted to start my own clothing brand and even though the vision has changed completely after becoming disabled, I am proud of myself for even doing it!

I’m still figuring out this quad life and this disabled life in general. One thing I noticed is how people started treating me as less than human and me, well, I can feel less than human sometimes too. So more than this being my clothing brand, it’s spreading a message that We Are All Human. It’s starting conversations around topics many avoid! It’s speaking up for marginalized voices especially the disability community! It’s showing how us humans can be multifaceted and more than these labels/assumptions placed on us. 

I see LL Official doing big things and really leaving a lasting impact! Y’all’s support is definitely gonna help us get there!! The LL Crew is strong so keep showing love and we all gonna make it to the top!!  

I don’t know what the future holds but the present is looking mighty nice.

Become a part of the movement, begin making an impact, and shop LL Official!

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Great blog post! Loved getting to know the HQIC 😝


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