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Introducing LL Official

Hi y’all! Welcome to LL Official! This has been a long time in the making and a journey of ups and downs, but it’s been worth it and I see the vision for myself and this legacy I’m building. We can talk more about that in another blog.

Today I wanna introduce LL Official, which technically is my clothing brand, but its so much more than a clothing brand. It’s a movement. It’s making an impact.

Yes, we sell clothing but we’re also putting out a message. Every collection is meant to represent you, a human being, and spread a positive message.

Our mission is simple:

We are all human. Regardless of race, sexuality, gender, disability, religion, etc. We are all experiencing, healing, learning, adapting, and growing. Simply being human.

LL Official strives to not only have you looking and feeling cute and comfy, we also want to showcase a part of you and the human experiences we all go through. We aim to make clothing that fits nicely for all individuals. When you’re wearing our apparel, we want you to feel stylish and comfortable!

More than anything though, we want to make an impact. We want to make change. We want marginalized voices to be heard and for all humans to be treated as human. We want our message to start a movement as well as conversations around the vast human experiences we each deal with. We want to build a community centered around peace, love, and positivity.

We are all human!!

I hope you continue to look around and eventually make your way back around for future collections/drops.

Remember to tag us and use #ShopLLOfficial to be featured on our page!

Stay Thriving! 🤍

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Beautiful worded post! Excited to see the present and future of LL Official! Your message is amazing and I just know this venture of yours is going to flourish ✨

Nikki #1 FAN ♥️

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