July is Disability Pride Month!

July is Disability Pride Month!

July is Disability Pride Month! This month occurs every July as a way to celebrate the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act on July 26, 1990.

What started as a day celebration became a month celebration in 2015 when New York officially made July Disability Pride Month. The month is now unofficially recognized in a few United States cities and even internationally, but few actually do anything to celebrate and it sure doesn’t get mainstream attention.

Disability Pride Month is a month to celebrate disability and disabled people. It’s a month to really break the stigma on disability. It’s been time to redefine disability and this month aims to do just that.

My fellow disabled baddies: be loud and proud about your disability / disabilities! They’re a very real human experience and it’s time the world took notice!

This month aim to change the way you view disability and disabled people.

If there’s a lack of representation / diversity / inclusion within your circle(s), speak up about it. Open doors and change the narrative!

Disability is normal, it’s just not normalized.

Learn about the vast world of disability and educate yourself on disability rights. Hire disabled people and pay them fairly! Treat disabled people as what they are, human! And celebrate disability and the disability community.

Happy Disability Pride Month!

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Let’s celebrate Disability all month long!!!

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