What Does ‘LL’ Stand For?

What Does ‘LL’ Stand For?

Hi y’all! Today I want to answer a question we get so often about the LL Official brand and that is what does the ‘LL’ mean or stand for?

When first deciding to even start a business, I knew I wanted the name to be personal but fun. Maybe a play on words, I don’t know. And this whole vision came from the YouTube supporters!

If you don’t follow my sister and I’s YouTube channel then you definitely should, search Ashley & Nikki on YouTube and it should pop up. Here’s the link as well:


On our YouTube channel, we do a podcast style video we call Lowkey Litty. We’ve done more than one (haven’t done one in a while though) and we discuss all the things from dating, support, body image, and other spinal cord injury related topics or any interesting topics really. They’re just conversational videos and they’re received well, and the YouTube subscribers, and others but mostly from YouTube, kept telling my sis and I we should make merch with the funny / motivational / real stuff we say. So LL was born.

Now LL wasn’t always the clothing brand name idea but it was on the brainstorming sheet for another purpose (won’t say for what because we’d still like to make that happen) and it was associated with Lowkey Litty.

Fast forward and I’m deciding on a clothing brand name and I keep going back to LL because I like how it also doubled to have a more personal meaning with my last name being Llorens, double L, LL! And when deciding on a brand name, it was important to me that it was personal so that I never got tired of it or felt bored with it or felt like the name lost it’s moment.

With LL, the name was personal enough to me to not get tired of it but also could be used for a million other LL words.

Llorens (my last name)

Lowkey Litty (YouTube videos / also canna related for me)

Then some could say:

Live Life

Long Live

Loving Life

Lessons Learned or Learning Lessons

Those are things people have actually thought it meant and that’s ok. Let LL mean and stand for whatever you need it to mean and stand for.

LL Official wants to spread a positive message through our clothing and brand in general! If LL needs to mean something different to you then that’s ok! As long as you’re moving through with love and light (see what i did there) and reppin’ LL the way we intended, let LL mean what it needs to for you and the humans you encounter!

Remember We Are All Human!

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Stay Thriving!!

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